Cattail Creek Framing and

Fine Art Gallery

‚ÄčTami Hensel

My early interests in visual art led me to degree studies in Technical Illustration with a minor in Commercial Design,  I later went back and got my teaching degree in Education with an emphasis in Art.  Creating art has always been a pressure valve for me.  The more stress I am under the more driven I am to create art.  I paint, sometimes combining paper sculpture or collage techniques in my work.  I throw pottery, make three dimensional hand felted wool sculptures and create stained glass pieces

On the practical side an early job doing picture framing in a fine art gallery gave me the skills to showcase all manner of artwork. I've made my living framing beautiful art for customers and other artists and have only recently begun to consider myself an artist in my own right.

I have owned Cattail Creek Framing for over 20 years and am encouraged to see artists who I have framed things for finding their audiences and showing their work in our local artists gallery.